ChatterVOX HM100 noise canceling condenser headset microphone


From ELT's "dynaMIC" range of microphones.  A recognized "Classic" headset form copied by the world's leading microphone companies. 

  • HM100 is first and foremost DURABLE. 
  • We use the highest quality reinforced cable available to reduce the likelihood of cable failure (the number one failure of ALL headset microphones. 
  • A stainless steel headset wire covered in soft PVC adds to comfort and strength. 
  • Our boom length is carefully calculated to place the microphone capsule at the "sweet" spot of your vocal projection, the corner of your mouth....not in the breath stream.
  • Our 600 ohm cardioid electret capsule is sensitive and reproduces the spoken voice with natural "crispness" and "clarity"