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ChatterVOX "leatherette" amplifier cover

ChatterVOX "leatherette" amplifier cover


A little protection goes a long way and...a dark jacket goes with nearly every color.  The ChatterVOX "leatherette" amplifier cover (included with the ChatterVOX STANDARD) accomplishes three distinct and valuable objectives.  

  1. It protects your ChatterVOX from damage cause by dropping.  Though the cover itself is thin, the beading at the seams of the amplifier cover effectively absorb all but the most agressive falls to hard surfaces, preventing damage to your amplifier
  2. It makes a fashion statement.  Basic black masks the technical appearance of the amplifier on your waist.  This is important to some professional presenters. It's a high quality, finishing touch.
  3. ChatterVOX amplifier covers add an additional measure of acoustic damping to the ChatterVOX amplifier case.  This is true for both leatherette and neoprene sport models. This additional damping results in lower distortion at higher volume...particularly with the deeper voices we generally attribute to men.  This additional damping works in much the same way as specialized materials used in premium high fidelity loudspeakers you make choose for your home.
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